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How can a credit card debt attorney help?

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Looking for a credit card debt attorney?

You are not alone. Credit card debt has gone off the charts since the start of the pandemic and with the extreme interest rates adding hundreds and thousands in interest each month, it is hard to find a way out.

Even missing a payment or two can have a huge impact on your interest rate, causing you to go deeper into debt. Delinquency interest rates can be as high as 30%! Add on late fees and over-limit fees to your already growing debt and it may make you feel like you’ll never pay off your debt successfully.

The Law Office of Randall W. Hanson, P.A., has extensive experience assisting clients with credit card problems. When you’re faced with years of delinquent debts and added interest, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hiring an attorney to assist you with your financial strains due to credit can lessen the amount of stress you feel, as well as resolve your credit card debt problems.

Why is our Ovideo law firm different?

Our mission is to represent you aggressively and defend your legal rights effectively by providing quality legal services. We aim to do this all at an affordable rate, so that the cost of legal representation is not an additional burden. Our team understands that regardless of what your legal struggle may be, it is indeed a struggle. Hiring a lawyer is usually a last resort, so we work tirelessly for your cause to make sure the outcome of your case is the best possible.

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